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"Sante Fe Splendour"
The owners of this suburban block wanted to use their large front yard as a private retreat in which they could entertain or just escape from the daily grind.

The selection of a South American themed landscape was inspired by the Spanish-style metal veranda rails and window grills featured on the existing house. This was all the encouragement Landscaping Naturally need to design the courtyard.

Towering walls, coated in an earthy coloured adobe render provide privacy and protection while impressive New Guinea Rosewood doors convey a sense of strength that compliment the size of the wall and stand as a feature in their own right.

Among many interesting features in the courtyard is a magnificent bell shaped urn which catches the flow of water from a high arching metal water spout, and the playful use of the space by placing wine bottles into the lower rendered walls with just their ends showing.

The courtyard was planted with typical dry adapting plants found in Spanish regions such as agave, olives, lemons, cumquats and westringia.

Location: Dudley
Services provided:
Landscape Design
Landscape Construction
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